About Us

Planexbg is a company that provides services in the locksmith sector that was constituted in 2008, in that eagerness to grow and grow we are part of a more important group and of relevance in the service sector as it is Planexbg integral management of services.
In order to be part of this group we had to invest in infrastructure and quality technical personnel, hence the creation of our own workshop to facilitate the resolution of locksmith projects that different private customers, businesses, companies and insurance companies demanded.
We are master locksmiths, we perform maintenance, repair and installation as well as the manufacture of automatic doors, portals for buildings, enclosures, provision of greater security in homes or shops, changes of locks, bars, alarms without forgetting the 24 hour service for those Unforeseen events that usually give us access to our housing, commerce or community of neighbors.
From here we invite you to contact our staff who will attend and advise you with pleasure.